editorial essays

Lemora: Lady Dracula, or, The Essence of the Repertory Theatre
Donato Totaro , 01-31-03
The home video revolution, especially with the success of the DVD format and the massive availability of alternative cinemas in this format, has, for better or for worse, altered the function of the repertory theatre.
Alberto Sordi: (June 15, 1920-February 25, 2003)
Donato Totaro , 01-31-03
All of Italy is in mourning after the death of actor-director Alberto Sordi.
Donato Totaro , - 10-07-97
In a John Ford film, death is inevitably followed by birth in order to propel the reaffirming, regenerating life-cycle; likewise, the same week that saw the death of two cinema icons, Jimmy Stewart and Robert Mitchum, sees the flagship issue of Offscreen.