editorial essays

Inside Bresson's L'Argent: An interview with crew-member Jonathan Hourigan
by Colin Burnett, August 31, 2004

An intriguing look back at the on-set experiences of Jonathan Hourigan.

Unsu Lee Interview
by Pierre-Alexandre Despatis and Daniel Stefik, July 31, 2004

An impromptu three-way discussion on one of the most talked about documentary films ever.

One Point 0 Interview
by Donato Totaro, July 31, 2004

An interview with co-directors Marteinn Thorsson and Jeff Renfroe.

Fahrenheit 9/11: Offscreen Roundtable
by Dave Douglas, Peter Rist, and Donato Totaro, June 30, 2004

An impromptu three-way discussion on one of the most talked about documentary films ever.

Fulltime Cinema: An Interview With Johnnie To
Interview conducted by Charles Leary, June 30, 2004

An interview with Hong Kong director Johnnie To.

The Art of Walking Backwards
by Sándor Lau, May 31, 2004

"A Mäori proverb says you spend your life walking backwards because you can see the past but not the future—that’s why we trip."

The Trail of Werner Herzog: An Interview
Interview conducted by Nicolas Renaud, André Habib, & Simon Galiero, January 31, 2004

An interview with German director Werner Herzog.

An interview with director Mikhäil Kobakhidzé.
Interview conducted by Donato Totaro and Alain Dubeau, May 31, 2003

An interview with Georgian short film expert, diirector Mikhäil Kobakhidzé.

Stan Brakhage at the Cinémathèque Québecoise, Montreal, January 27-28, 2001 Part 1: “Death is a Meaningless Word.”
Transcribed by Donato Totaro, February 28, 2003

Stan Brakhage at the Cinémathèque Québecoise, Montreal, January 27-28, 2001 Part 1: “Death is a Meaningless Word.”

Stan Brakhage introduces Sirius Remembered (1959), Dog Star Man Part II, Self Song /Death Song (1997), The Machine of Eden (1970), Mothlight (1963), and The Act of Seeing With One's Own Eyes (1971)

  (Part of the Stan Brakhage Dossier)
Stan Brakhage at the Cinémathèque Québecoise, Montreal, January 27-28, 2001 Part 2: “Death is a Meaningless Word.”
Transcribed by Donato Totaro, February 28, 2003

Stan Brakhage introduces Loving (1957), Dog Star Man Part III (1964), Dog Star Man Part IV (1964), Murder Psalm (1980), The Garden of Earthly Delights (1981), Stellar (1993), Naughts (1994), Coupling (1999), Cloud Chamber (1999), and The Dante Quartet (1987).

(Part of the Stan Brakhage Dossier)

Coronación: How to transform feelings into poetic images?
Mélanie Morrissette, July 31, 2002

An interview with Chilean director Silvio Caiozzi.

Roshell Bissett: Winter Lily
Donato Totaro, April 30, 2002

An interview with Montreal-based filmmaker Roshell Bissett on her first feature, the horror film Winter Lily.

Serling Reprised
Isabelle Morissette, March 31, 2002
PhD candidate Morissette follows up last month's interview with another brief chat with the late, great Phil Serling.
Remembering William K. Everson
Peter Rist, February 28, 2002
Professor Peter Rist, former student and long time friend of historian, archivist, scholar, and film collector William K. Everson, reminisces.
An Interview with William K. Everson
Sandra Gallant & Alice Black, February 28, 2002
An interview with film legend William K. Everson.
An Interview with Leonard Maltin
Donato Totaro, February 28, 2002

An interview with long time Cinefester and film historian Leonard Maltin.

An Interview with Phil Serling
Donato Totaro & Peter Rist, February 28, 2002
An interview with Cinefest founder Phil Serling.
Un Entrevue dans le Plateau
Michael Crochetière, 12-31-01
A roundtable discussion with filmmakers Robin Schlaht, Roy Cross, Michael Crochetière, and film critic/writer/teacher Johanne Larue.
Guiseppe Lanci: The Shape of Light
Roberto Aita, 11-30-01
Offscreen presents an interview with Italian cinematographer Guiseppe Lanci, who has worked with such greats Andrei Tarkovsky, Nanni Moretti, and Marco Bellochio.
Guiseppe Lanci: Le Forme della Luce
Roberto Aita, 11-30-01
Above interview in its original Italian language.
Brothers Quay: In Absentia
Roberto Aita, 09-30-01
Offscreen presents this probing interview with the Brothers Quay, conducted in Trieste, Italy.
Stan Brakhage in Montreal
Nicolas Renaud, 09-30-01
Early in 2001 Hors Champ presented a 4-day event featuring a selected program of vintage works by one of America's leading visual artists, experimental filmmaker Stan Brakhage. Nicolas Renaud recounts what was for many an extremely moving 4-day aesthetic experience.
Subconscious Cruelty: The Interview
Donato Totaro, 07-11-01
The definitive interview on one of Montreal's most notorious independent feature films, Subconscious Cruelty. Enough said.
Meeting Abbas Kiarostami
Peter Rist, 03-06-01
One of the grand masters of contemporary cinema visits Montreal. Read an exclusive interview here at Offscreen.
Corridors that Whisper Dark Secrets
Donato Totaro, Peter Rist, 03-06-01
Interview with Republic of Korea director Park Ki-Hyung on his smash debut horror hit Whispering Corridors (1998).
Crystal Ball of Horror
Donato Totaro, 03-05-01
One of the most influential and important horror magazines, Fangoria horror magazine, selects Spanish director Nacho Cerda as one of the 13 rising Horror stars to keep on eye on.
Stan Brakhage in Montreal
Nicolas Renaud, - 01-10-01
Hors Champ presents a special program of Stan Brakhage films at Montreal's Cinémathèque from January 25-28, with Brajhage in attendance for the final three evenings (26-28).
Interview with Paul Tana
Fuad Alnirabie, Michael Vesia, - 01-08-01
The Montreal-based Tana discusses these films and his experiences as an Italian-Canadian filmmaker.
Interview with Natali Broods
Donato Totaro, - 07-21-00
Belgium actress Natali Broods sizzles in S..
Interview with Hideo Nakata
Donato Totaro, - 07-21-00
An in-depth interview with the director of the smash horror hit series Ring.
Donigan Cumming: Continuity and Rupture
Donigan Cumming (compiled by Nicolas Renaud), - 05-01-00
Text of the lecture given by Donigan Cumming as part of a series of video screenings in France, October 25th to November 2nd 1999.
Egoyan's Journey: An Interview with Atom Egoyan
Donato Totaro, Simon Galiero - 02-08-00
Canadian director Atom Egoyan discusses his existential serial killer film Felicia's Journey
Talking Comedy with Leslie Nielsen
Donato Totaro, - 11-19-99
Leslie Nielsen was in Montreal this past summer shooting the (Canadian-German co-production) film, 2001: A Space Travesty (title still tentative, directed by Allan Goldstein), which he not only stars in but also co-wrote with Joseph Bitonti, Francesco Lucente, and Olimpia Lucente, and served as executive producer. The following interview took place during a set visit on August 25th, 1999.
Interview with Mario Monicelli
Donato Totaro, - 05-03-99
The distinguished Italian director Mario Monicelli was in Montreal to serve as Jury Member at the 1999 Montreal World Film Festival. I spoke to Mr. Monicelli about Italian comedy in general and, more specifically, one of the first films to gain both critical and popular success and help cement the Italian comedy film's international reputation, I Soliti Ignoti (Big Deal on Madonna Street), 1958.
Karlovy Vary International Film Festival
Valery Stepanov, - 12-05-99
At the last year's 33rd edition of the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, the main prize, the "Crystal Cube", went to the Canadian filmmaker Charles Binamé for his film Streetheart .
Chinese Cinema: 1933-1949
Donato Totaro , - 12-05-99
From May 19th to May 30th Montreal will host an historically important cultural event when The Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema and IITS at Concordia University in association with Ciné-Asia present the film series: "Chinese Cinema: 1933-1949".
No one to be Missed
Cynthia Wu, - 28-04-99
Getting an interviewing with Zhang Yimou is difficult. Even in my hometown Beijing, I felt he was harder to reach than he was in Montreal last winter.
Alberto Lattuada:
Donato Totaro , - 26-04-99

As part of their April-May program la Cinémathèque québécoise featured a mini-retrospective of one of Italy's oldest living directors, Alberto Lattuada (born, 1914). The nine films selected span a good portion of Lattuada's long career, the earlie

Interview Hou Yong :Zhang Yimou's Cinematographer
Cynthia Wu, - 31-03-99

No one to be Missed , which in Zhang Yimou's words "is one of my best movies," deals with a rural town's school drop-out problem. Zhang Yimou is a director known for having excellent work relations with his film crew. As he said, "The

Interview with Kwangmo Lee
Peter Rist, Donato Totaro , - 01-03-99

Korea was the spotlighted nation at the 1998 Montreal World Film Festival (August 27-September 7). One of the nine Korean films featured was Lee Kwangmo's Spring in my Hometown , a poignant story about the effects of the Korean War on

Interview with Brain Yuzna and Jillian McWhirter
Donato Totaro , - 18-02-99


Brain Yuzna was one of many invited guests of the Montreal Fant-Asia 1998 Film Festival (July 10-August 9). Yuzna's two most recent films were featured in the festival's International section, Progeny and The Dentist 2. Also present at the screening
Interview with Brain Yuzna and Jillian McWhirter
Donato Totaro , - 18-02-99
Interview with Brain Yuzna and Jillian McWhirter
Donato Totaro , - 18-02-99
DEAR WORLD: The Kids Are NOT All right
Jamie Gaetz, - 11-02-99
In its 27th version, the International Festival of New Films / New Media in Montreal took a leap forward by returning to its roots. In shifting focus from the carnival-like elements that have predominated since the festival's move to a summer venue a
Donato Totaro , - 04-01-99
Part I
Donato Totaro , - 04-01-99
Part II
Interview with Douglas Buck
Donato Totaro , - 22-10-98
In two years short years, American Independent director Douglas Buck has becomes a Fant-Asia fan favorite for his uncompromising brand of "domestic horror"; Douglas Buck was back at Fant-Asia '98 with his short film Home, a companion piece of sorts
Offscreen in the Uk
Donato Totaro , - 25-10-97
Offscreen moves to the UK
Donato Totaro , - 17-09-97
There is no doubt about it, Asian cinema is hot, hotter and hottest on the International film circuit. Montreal, always on the vanguard where foreign film is concerned, has caught the bug.
Asian Cinema Studies Society
Donato Totaro , - 17-09-97
The (ACSS) Asian Cinema Studies Society held its fifth biennial Conference for the first time ever in Canada. The result was a hotbed of wide-ranging activities and academic pursuits from scholars across the world.
Nacho Cerda Interview
Donato Totaro , - 13-08-97
The affable, soft-spoken Nacho Cerda is perhaps not what you'd expect from the director of one of Fant-Asia's most notorious films, Aftermath. But perhaps after reading this interview with Cerda you may feel that there is certainly more than meets the ...
A Gun For Jennifer: Interview
Donato Totaro , - 11-08-97
A Gun for Jennifer is a ballsy, energetic feminist revisionist take on the traditionally male revenge action film. After a successful festival run, it has seen comparisons to such female revenge films as Ms. 45 and Thelma and Louise, though...
Richard Stanley Interview
Donato Totaro , - 11-08-97
The inimitable Richard Stanley's films thus far include the cyper-punk cult science-fiction film Hardware (1990), the poetic experimental documentary on the Russian invasion of Afghanistan, Voices of the Moon (1991) and the oneiric horror film...
Fant-Asia Report 1
Donato Totaro , - 22-07-97
The square block from Bleury to Saint-Alexandre is so abuzz with Fant-Asia energy it should be christened "Chanville." It surely felt that way when about 200 perturbed fans were turned away from a sold out screening of Jackie Chan's Drun
Was what Happened Good?
Donato Totaro , - 10-07-97
After ten plus days of hectic film/video and moving image viewing, the FCMM is over, leaving a year void to be filled in by other film festivals. The point, however, is that none of the other festivals are going to be anything like this one.
Donato Totaro , - 10-07-97
Last summer’s surprising smash-hit festival Fant-Asia is back with the same look, location and principal organizers, but with an added International component.